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For product photographers, one of the most important aspects to be considered is the angle in which you will shoot & showcase your product.  While there are many options, there are some commonly used go-to angles used by the best product photographers.  Just remember the word TEAM, and this will help you choose between some of the best options.  TEAM stands for Top, Eye-Level, 45 Degree Angle, and Macro (close-up).  Here are some examples of each:

T: Top

This is essentially a birds-eye view of your product.  You stand over the product and shoot down at it.  By shooting this way, it gives the feel that you are floating over the product, looking down at it.  This allows a different perspective and generally allows for more styling options.

Top angle example for product photographers

E: Eye-Level

This is the most common way products are shot.  Products are shot straight on.  It allows the viewer to feel that they are on the same level as the product, and helps to give an accurate perspective on the size of the product.

Eye level angle example for product photographers

A: 45 Degree Angle

This shooting angle is not as commonly used in product photography, but it does offer a more artistic approach to shooting.  Using this angle would work well if you are shooting a product that will be placed on a low surface or table, giving the viewer an accurate perspective of how they will see the product.

45 degree angle example for product photographers

M: Macro

This is when you take a close up of the product you are shooting.  This is best used when it is important to show certain detail in your product and eliminate any background images that may distract from the actual detail of the product.

Macro angle example for product photographers

fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate

This basic roadmap of shooting angles will help you decide which angle is best when shooting a variety of products.  Viewers will gravitate towards products that are shot in a way that highlights their best features.  Angles are something that should be strongly and carefully considered when shooting product photography.

Consult With a Product Photographer

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