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High Angle Flatlay of a Smart, Casual Business Outfit

When creating the perfect photo to showcase your products, there are many details that need to be considered. Beyond using the best possible lighting to highlight your product, here are a few other very important, but not always considered product photography tips to keep in mind:

Ready for My Close Up

Try different angles. Not all products look best shot straight on. While shooting, move around, try close-ups, and look for a unique point of view for your product. You’re looking for the angle that best showcases your product, so test all of your options.

Scale it Up

Give your viewers a sense of scale. Sometimes it may be difficult for a viewer to get an idea of the actual size of a product. Showing them a sense of scale can be very helpful in this situation. By placing your item next to a common item many are familiar with, it will help the viewer to envision the product accurately.

Options, Options, Options

Many times on a site you will find a photo of an item, and somewhere near that, an indication that the product is also available in other color options. If that is the case, it is best to show all of the options available as opposed to simply mentioning. So if the product you are selling is “also available in red,” then go ahead and show the product in red as well.

Go Filter-less

Applying filters to your personal photos has the ability to take an average picture and improve it greatly. When it comes to product photography, however, this is not the case. In fact, it could have just the opposite effect. Products are best shot well-lit and clean. If filters are applied in this case, it could send the message to the viewer that you are trying to hide something, and they may question the quality of the product.

Editing is Your Best Friend

When selecting your final images for your website, it’s very important to make sure all images are approximately the same size, so as not to have too much variation. Make sure to clean up the images, color correct and crop where necessary to ensure all photos look like they belong grouped together. Consistency is what you, as well as viewers, are looking for.

Ask a Product Photography Expert

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